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3 Clownfish + Anemone

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3 Clownfish + Anemone Empty 3 Clownfish + Anemone

Post by moonyguy Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:56 pm


I am breaking down my frag tank next month and need to find a place for my clownfish. I have a large female Orange Percula (3.5"), Male Black Ocellaris (2.5") and a juvenile orange Ocellaris (1.5"). So you get three fish and a rose bubble tip anemone (4-5") for them to host. The large pair have been nesting under the nem for a couple of months now...no sign of eggs yet. I prefer local pick up or I can bring them to any meeting or frag swap in the ND/MN area.
Looking for $95 for all three fish and the Anemone.

Here is a shot of the bonded pair.
3 Clownfish + Anemone Frag%20Tank%20007



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